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"The balm (Advanced healing butter) is working WONDERS on Sally (the Horse)! Amazing what one application did to raw spots under her mane, not to mention her legs. An added benefit? After I apply it I rub the excess on my hands and smooth her coat with it. Everyone has been asking what I'm doing to make her look so good!" - Nancy S.

"I am so pleased with my order from Silver Moon Herbals. My order came quickly and when I had questions to ask, the owner emailed me back just as promptly.
The pillows are well made and even hours after I heated up one of them, it is still warm! I ordered several of the different herbs so we can use them for all different reasons.
I may have to buy some for Christmas gifts next year too. Which would you want to help warm you on a cold night; a soft comfy flax seed pillow or a rubber hot water bottle!" - Jen F.

"just put Silver Moon Herbals Tattoo Ointment on my knuckles & they feel SOOOOO much better already...& they smell nice too =) Thanks Allie!" - Doreen S.

"I have enjoyed your herbal pillows for a while now and after trying your lip balm (which is wonderful by the way) I can't wait to see what else you come up with. Thank you!" - Mariana M.

"I can't say enough about how well your products have been received! The healing butter has worked wonders on my son's skin. Also, the pillow I received provides such a relaxing warmth and soothing scent I can almost feel the stress leave me as soon as I use it. Your unique, hand-made products are the perfect gift!" - Dan L.

"I received a letter from my Aunt Peggy. She wrote: "Dear Ted, Just want to thank you and let you know how very much I have appreciated and enjoyed the neck-shoulder pad you brought me. I have used it so much. The pad is soothing and the warm smell of Rosemary is very comforting - Thank you for thinking of me."
My Aunt Peggy is 83 years old and mostly blind from macular degeneration, so just the fact she took the time to write something says more than the words do. I just wanted to share this with you, because it is your special gift that really does make a difference in people's lives."
- Ted B.

"I wasn't sure whether to wash with the vanilla herbal soap or eat it...smelled really too good to wash with. ;)" - Denise K.

"I have to say that the Goat's milk and Honeysuckle soap I got from SilverMoon Herbals is so wonderful! Super moisterizing and I had forgotten how WONDERFUL Honeysuckle smells! Thank you!!" - JoBeth S.

"I am just LOVING that sugar scrub I bought!!!! And the lip balm too!!" - Heather L.

"As described. Arrived fast. Smells great. Kids love it. Will buy from again. Thanks so much!" - Kat B.

"Wonderful quailty with all of her products. I am never dissappointed. Highly Recommend." - Michelle O.

"100% Satisfied! Top quality products and SUPER FAST shipping! Highly recommended!" - Zonipa M.

"Your products smell WONDERFULL. I love the pillow and the healing butter. Thanks for the little extras too." - Roseann D.

"I love the first aid ointment! It feels so good and it looks as nourishing and healing as it feels. And thanks for the lip gloss, that was a nice treat." - Paulina B.

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